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Dawn Lee

Khushi Agro Products & Commodities is offering exotic Indian spices and premium quality dry fruits. All its products are marketed and sold under the Dawn Lee brand.

The Dawn Lee spices are available in both whole and grounded form. These spices are skilfully selected for their authenticity; manually sorted and grinded to retain their flavour and colour; and packaged using latest technology to keep their aroma and freshness intact.

The company has undertaken intensive research and is constantly working on its products to ensure that health is not compromised at any cost. It has taken 18th century products as its benchmark for quality and is offering similar authenticity and purity at competitive prices.

It is always an endeavour of the Dawn Lee to provide products which are unadulterated and nutrient-rich. Aromatic richness, flavour potency and freshness are the key features of Dawn Lee products; which never fail to satisfy all the senses of an accomplished connoisseur.

The visionary behind

CEO Mr. Gautam Dhakad

Mr. Gautam Dhakad has set up Dawn Lee with a vision to build a happy nation of a healthy generation. With his domain knowledge of spices and dry fruits; he is committed to provide pure, authentic and nutrient-rich products that reignite the 18th century’s goodness in our platter.

Looking at the perils of eating adulterated, low-quality food products; Mr Dhakad was deeply disturbed. Since then he is working with a single minded focus to ensure quality consistency. He wants to make sure that every household has access to authentic and healthy products.

In his role as Chairman, he provides the team with tactical direction and guidance. With many years of experience and understanding of the market dynamics, he aspires to change the face of Food Industry. All his efforts were recently acknowledged and adulated at Global Business Icon Awards 2019; where he received the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award.

CEO's Message

Dear Consumer,

Heartfelt Greetings!

We are living in the times when healthy life is a dream and healthy food is unattainable. The greatest concern of today’s homemaker is the ‘health’ of their family. But it is disheartening to admit that with a lack of unadulterated food products in the market; there is a lack of awareness too. For a long time we have been ignorant about the ingredients that are used. Now that we have become a little conscious about this information, we are not able to move beyond ‘organic’ whereas super foods have gained momentum across the globe and for all good reasons too. A lot of research is undertaken on super foods. Super food means those products which supply essential nutrients to our body.

Products that are sold in the name of organic can only guarantee you that they are produced organically, without the use of chemicals. But no one can say for sure whether organic food is any more nutritious than conventional food. For instance- Turmeric is included in the category of super foods. Turmeric is not just a coloring and flavoring agent but a dietary supplement too. And turmeric's curcumin is the hallmark of its quality. But the knowledge of this curcumin is limited to a few people only.

We at Dawn Lee are working to supply pure, authentic and nutrient-rich food products to each household. Just like we supply pure turmeric with 6-7% curcumin; we offer many more exotic spices and premium quality dry fruits.

We wish you a healthy and happy life.

Warm Regards,

Gautam Dhakad
CEO- Dawn Lee

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Authentic Quality

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