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Haldi wala Doodh


​indias favorite recovery medicine is Haldi wala doodh it may be from injury,cough,or building immunity grandma says "Haldi wala doodh pilo????.Our centuries old food wisdom ia very a days western countries started following our traditional foods started Understanding its importance and adding turmeric shots,and gold latte ☕ to their menu.In indian cooking haldi has very important place  in every gravy,curry we use haldi and that tell us how much haldi is necessary for our health.

Benifits of Haldi Wala Doodh 

First of all milk is rich in protein,calcium  which is important for growth and development of bones ans muscles ,and haldi (curcumin) is natural antibiotic and anti septic helps to fight with infections and built up immunity.

Also if consumed at night it helps to get good sleep,improves digestion,and works as antacid.

So follow dadis advice and take Haldi wala doodh every remember haldi should be of good quality,it should be organic to get maximum benifites and also add pinch of black pepper powder to it as it helps in absorption.



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Friday, 03 July 2020
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