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Adusa Dried Leaves

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Adusa Leaves ( Malabar nut )




Vasaka or Adusa or Malabar nut is an important Ayurvedic medicinal herb. The entire parts of the plant from root to leaves are used to treat many ailments. Adusa is bitter tasting and when the dried color changes to dull brownish-green. The leaves are rich in medicinal properties.


They have amazing health benefits like-

  • The leaves are rich in alkaloid compound vasicine, and essential oil.
  • Adusa is known for anti-microbial properties thereby helpful in fighting off tuberculosis. Along with treating tuberculosis, it shows positive impacts for cough and bronchitis.
  • Adusa has anti-inflammatory properties. It is good for joint pain and helps to subsidize arthritis swelling.
  • It balances Pitta and Kapha doshas. It helps to balance Pitta and good for the health of the liver and gall bladder.
  • It is beneficial in case of thirst, fever, vomiting, sugar, bleeding disorders, and leprosy.


Dawn Lee’s Specialty-

Dawn Lee provides 100 % natural Adusa Leaves without any - Insect filth, mold, excreta, etc.




Suggestive uses-

  • Boil 7-8 Adusa leaf in water, then filter the water and take it with honey. Its help to relief in cough.




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