Black Dry Dates (100 Gm)

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Dried dates are a great source of calcium, which helps in boosting bone health, dental health. Adding dates to your daily diet can improve your bone health and reduce the chances of osteoporosis and arthritis

Good source of iron, calcium, and other nutrients. Date fruits, also called date palms because they are the fruit of the palm tree, come in a range of colors, from golden brown to black. Medjool is the most common variety of black dates. This type is prized for its rich taste, large size, and velvety black-brown color. Sold dried, black dates can be eaten as is or can be made into syrups or used as an addition to salads and other dishes.
• The protein in dates contains 23 types of amino acids, some of which are not present in the most popular fruits. The black date is a laxative food if soaked in water overnight and consumed like fine syrup the next morning.
• Keeps the cardiovascular system healthy. Their rich antioxidant and nutritional content make them a healthy diet.
• Dried dates make a great snack for heart disease patients. Dried dates are also low in calories and help fight bad cholesterol. Dried date is high in fiber and is a good source of energy, makes them the perfect weight loss diet. Dried dates also have a high calcium content, which can boost bone health

25g Carbohydrate Calories Total Fat Sodium
2mg Potassium
656 mg Sugar
282 g
Protein Carbohydrate Calories Total Fat Sodium Potassium Sugar
2829 0.49
Protein Carbohydrate Calories Total Fat Sodium Potassium Sugar
282 g 0.49


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