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Premium Diamond Size Edible Gum Deshi Dhavdi Tragacanth Gum

MRP: ₹ 569.00 Discounted Price: ₹ 429.00 Weight: 200 g
Brand: Dawn LeeDawn Lee

Dawn lee provides you 100% Natural preservative-free and a little bit old for better quality and taste. Ghee absorption.of edible Gum is the best way to check the purity of it. Higher the absorption while frying the better the quality of Gum. It a 100% natural product obtained from trees and plants. It oozes from within plants, it sticks to the bark of the plant. It dries up and becomes edible gum. It is taken from various plants so there might be slight variation in the quality size. Its has great medicinal value, and it is often used as a medicine from ancient time. You can also eat it. Edible gum is called as Kothri in Bengali, Gond in Tamil, Antu in Kannad, Majakhniram in Malyalam. It is also known as Thumma Jiguru in Telugu, Gondh, and Dink in Rajasthan. How to use edible gum. Edible gum is fried and used in recipes. To make these fry them, when the ghee is sufficiently hot, stir and roast it on low flame. On frying the edible gum puffs up (this is a quality check also higher the absorption of Ghee better the quality). Difference between Edible gum and Tragacanth gum Many people confuse between Tragacanth gum and Edible gum. Tragacanth gum has a cool effect on the stomach whereas edible gum has a warm effect. Tragacanth gum when putting in water, it puffs up and becomes gooey. Culinary uses of Edible Gum in Recipes Edible gum is mostly used in Panjiris and ladoos. It is also used for making chakki. Various sweets can be made from it when mixed with flour and dry fruits. It is also given to new mothers as it improves their health. You can make recipes such as Gond ladoo, haleem ladoo, gond pak pag recipe, makhana pag, Nariyal Pag, Harira, and a special panjiri where Butea Gond is added. Butea Gond also helps in the recovery of the muscles of both mother and child.

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