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Mustard Seeds

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Mustard Seeds



Mustard seeds are also known as rai, sarson. They are fiery and powerful and provide a milder nutty flavor to any dish.


Mustard seeds (rai) are abundant with health beneficiary properties too.

  • It is useful in the treatment of cancer, rheumatic arthritis, migraine, respiration congestion, blood pressure and gives menopausal relief.
  • It stimulates the appetite by increasing salivation



Dawn Lee’s Specialty-

High quality, handpicked mustard seeds are offered.



Additional Information-

  • The mustard seeds available in market have many adulterants (like- Argemone seeds, artificial color etc).
  • Mustard seeds have a smooth appearance, whereas the argemone seeds have a rough, grainy appearance which is black in color. There is a yellow core in a mustard seed when pressed, whereas in argemone seed it is black.
  • Quick Water Tests for authenticity- Add some mustard seeds in a glass of water. If it has artificial color then color of the water will change.

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