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Rose Petal Powder (Gulab Patti Powder)

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Dried Rose Petals (Gulab Patti)




Rose Petals are highly aromatic leaves having sweet fragrance, taste, and color. They are edible. It has been using rose flowers in food and drinks for ages. it also finds lots of uses in cosmetics.


They have amazing benefits like-

  • It is great for lowering cholesterol.
  • They fight infections and have natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • They are effective in treating wounds, bruises, rashes, and incision.
  • They help fight acne and prevents dark circles
  • Rose petals are a rich source of vitamin C



Dawn Lee’s Specialty-

Dawn Lee provides 100 % natural Rose petals without any - Insect filth, mold, excreta, etc. rose petals created from finest rose petals are cured to perfection.


Suggestive use –

  • It can use to garnish some desserts and salad too.
  • Add 1 tsp dried rose petals to tea which boost immunity, digestion and also help in removing Toxins.


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