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Assorted Nuts (Roasted / Salted ) Cashew, Almond & Pistachio

₹ 150.00 Weight: 50 g
Brand: Dawn LeeDawn Lee

Roasted Assorted Nuts (Cashew, Almond, Pistachio) - Salted



Assorted nuts are an exciting combination of freshly roasted Cashew, Almond and Pistachios.

They have a delicate flavor with extraordinary health benefits. Each nut in our roasted mix is packed with healthy fats, fiber and protein.

The freshest and only the best tasting nuts are roasted and sprinkled with a little salt making it the nutrient-rich nutty snack.



Dawn Lee’s Specialty

Dawn Lee provides the largest and best quality roasted assorted nuts that are crispy and lightly salted to enhance their taste


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