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Stone Flower

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Stone flower (patthar phool )




Parmotrema perlatum, commonly known as a black stone flower or kalpasi, is a species of lichen used as a spice in India. 

They have medicinal value because of their astringent, bitter, acrid, cooling, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac properties.

Its upper surface is dark green or black and white inside. It has a strong earthy aroma that is released when this spice is tempered in hot oil or ghee for gravies, soups, and curries. It has a very dry, light papery texture and feels to it. It is not only used to impart a mild aromatic flavor to soups but also to thicken the soup.

Alternatively known as daagar ka Phool or Patthar ka Phool, this mystery flower is believed to be grown in some parts of Tamil Nadu and is an important ingredient in Chettinad food.


They have amazing health benefits like-

  • They ensure quick wound healing because of their astringent properties and bitter taste.
  • They help to maintain normal body temperature.
  • It improves digestion and helps suppress respiratory disorders.
  • It helps treat skin problems and reduces inflammation.
  • Stone flowers are a very good indicator of the purity of air….they will not grow where the air is polluted!!
  • It has antibacterial activity and is effective against protozoans.
  • It tones up the urinary tract.


Dawn Lee’s Specialty-

 Dawn lee provides 100 % natural Stone flower or Dagad phool. It is light like paper. You cannot crush it or powder it


Suggestive uses-

  • For better results, it should be roasted in a little hot oil or ghee to release its full aroma.
  • Store in a cool and dry place, avoid using a wet spoon to handle this product.



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